In the injection molding,
Possible for minimum hole diameter φ5μm minimum thickness 5μm.

 The feature of ceramics is well used. And small articles with complicated geometry are prodused precisely and finished good by the injection molding. We are good at making minute ceramic parts suchas the electronic parts of manufacturing equipment, parts of the textile machinerys and the clock parts etc.
Our work area is not only the parts of machinerys, but also Nano biotechnology and the realm of heuling.

Micro nozzle
  The nozzle that uses a ceramic material are being offered.

【Mounter nozzle】
 Nozzle for mounter machine (Point to point) to put microchips on the proper position on the printed circuit board.

【Dispenser nozzle】
 The dispenser nozzle of hole diameter 5μm corresponding to spreading the solvent to a difficult, small precision part. The material is zirconia. Another hole diameter is available.
【Inkjet nozzle】
 The inside diameter It corresponds to φ100-10μm.

Ceramic gear (zirconia)

・[High strength/Abration resistance] Good property of ceramic such as abration resistance and high strength extend the life span of the parts.
・[Weight saving] If Compare the same volume,Ceramics are around 20% lighter than steel.
・[Cost reduction] Reducing processes contribute to cost reduction.
・[Custom-made] We respond to your various requests.

Other ceramic parts
・Optical communication parts (optical fiber and ferrule) Parts, electronic part manufacturing for device of IC,
and parts for inspection equipment.
・Clock parts, endoscope parts, fiber machine parts, various cutleries, various tools and so on.

*ESD : Electro Static Discharge

[Nagamine Original material for ESD,"BZTA ceramics®"]
(1) Compare with prior conductive zirconia
 ・Approximately 20% weight reduction.
 ・Reached Hi-strength 1000MPa.
(2) With Hi-hardness and Hi-rigidity like Alumina ceramics,Improvement of toughness make BZTA workability and anti-crash ability up.
(3) Ajustable for wide range therefore you can get customized material which you need.

Joint development:
  Kagawa prefectural industrial technology research center


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