Central loop line in Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway.
Our honeycombs have used for cleaning the exhaust gas in the tunnel.

 Air pollation sources such as exhaust gas and unpleasant stinks are absorbed and resolved.
 Various honeycomb catalyst products, such as a honeycomb catalysts that can neutralize the acidic gas are being offered.
A lot of NC honeycombs are used for the ventilation of the tunnel on the road and used for the flue-gas treatment of the underground parking. The catalytic function is accomplished when the gas passes through the holes of the beehive structure.
It is possible to offer the honeycombs with your specification, Tell us what you need like the number of cells, thickness of the wall, the size etc.

Platinum catalyst (NA honeycomb)

Purify the combustion gas, resolve the organic gas, Co, HC etc.
Platinum powders as big as micro are coarted to the honeycomb.

・Platinum catalyst for CO in gas equipment.
・Used for fish-roasters, grill equipment etc.

Manganese catalyst (NO honeycomb)

・Ozone deodorization and ozone purification.
・Manganese catalyst with oxidation function in normal temperature.

Acid gas absorbent (NC honeycomb)

Alkali impregnation to make acid gas neutral.
The acidic gases such as NOx and Sox are adsorbed.

・It applies to the ventilation place in the tunnel of the road. For the flue-gas treatment.
・It is used for Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway and the central loop line tunnel.

Activated carbon honeycomb (NS, NH, and Giapere)

Absorbent of which main ingredient is activated carbon.
The specific surface area is high.
・Remove hydrogen sulfide and VOC (toluene, benzene, and styrene).
・For ammonia deodorization and ozone adsorption.

NS honeycomb                    [Giapere]

Hydrophile zeolite absorbent
Hydrophobe zeolite absorbent (ND honeycomb)

・For dryer.
・Gas absorption such as dehumidification, ammonia, and acetaldehyde.

Experimental honeycomb
No photo Trial manufacturing of honeycomb.

Titania photocatalyst (NT honeycomb)
No photo Resolution of various harmful gases.

Zirconia honeycomb (NZ honeycomb)
No photo ・Inert action.
・Setter for non-reaction sintering.Non-reacting sintering setter.

Alumina honeycomb (AL honeycomb)
No photo  

Our honeycombs are molded by our own extrusion dies designed by us.
Tell us the specification what you need, the number of cells, the thickness of the wall,the size, and the material. etc.