We will exhibit our products at an exhibition as follows.
 We are looking forward to you visiting our booth.

CERAMICS EXPO 2019 in Osaka
 2019/05/22 - 2019/05/24
 INTEX Osaka(Osaka,Japan)
 Booth: Hall 1 , 2-1

Die & Mould China 2019
 2019/06/11 - 2019/06/15
 National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai, China)

 ~All about our products ~


Micro-ceramic products
 By the best use of exellent characteristic of ceramics.
Precise ceramic molding parts finished good are being offered by the injection molding.

Micro-nozzle,mounter-nozzle,dispenser-nozzle,inkjet-nozzle,PZT-fiber,conical mirrors(Corn mirror),
Micro fluid circuit elements,micro trochoid pump,special cutleries and wire guides,etc.
* Please access to ceramics, so you can see another pictures.

Electric Conductive Ceramics (for ESD-control)
 ・To prevent ESD (Electro Static Discharge) damege,the demand for conductive ceramics keep increasing in semiconductor field.
 ・You can get your conductive ceramics from our broad range of those materials.


Honeycomb catalysts
Honeycomb Adsorption
 By the best use of the characteristic of the materials,
Honeycomb products are being offered by extrusion molding.

Platinum honeycomb catalyst,manganese honeycomb catalyst,Acid gas absorption,Activated carbon honeycomb.
Hydrophile zeolite absorption,Hydrophobe zeolite absorption.
Titania photo catalysts and zirconia honeycombs,etc.
* Please access to honeycomb, so you can see another pictures.

ステンレス多孔質体 Porous metal
 The porous metal bodies are being offered by a special manufacturing method.

Ti-porous body,Sus-porous body,Co-porous body,Ag-porous body,Cu-porous body,Ni-porous body.
* Please access to metal porous, so you can see another pictures.

プレス絞り加工 Special press products
 Special press products,for instance,holling open finished goods of φ1μm, aspect ratio 3,
are being offered based on the die mouling technologies.

Orifice-plate,micro piercing array,York plate,Shower nozzle,and endoscope parts,etc.
* Please access to press, so you can see another pictures.

金型 Designing,processing,assembling.
 Dies for extrusion molding (especially for honeycomb dies)Dies for ceramics injection mouding(CIM), metallic press mouding etc.

Dies for Ceramic Injection Molding, Dies for honeycomb extrusion molding , etc.

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