The metal mold is the starting point of manufacturing.

  Since the establishment of our company,We always keep trying to improve the technolozy for produing metal molding.
 Now,we treat the extrusion dies for honeycomb,presice injection molding dies,powder press molding dies etc. The metal mold dies are the starting point of manufacturing.
 Adds up to it,compressibility and shrinking rate etc are calculated from the design stage. So we correspond carefully and elaborately.
 The metal mold dies offered by us make great reduction in costs compare with cutting,driling,welding etc.

The extrusion metal dies metal mold of honeycomb

Honeycomb extrusion metal dies have beehive structure.
We can design and produce the honeycomb dies with your specification, the number of cells,the thickness of the wall,square cell shape,hex-cell shape or another shape of cell.

Trial manufacture can be available.

Ceramics injection molding

By the best use of the feature of ceramics,we offer the precise molding finished goods and offer the complicated geometry.

The superprecision injection molding metal mold are our products.

Metal mold for special press dies
  The photo above is just an image. So the description below is not for this picture.

Our metal mold special press dies make difficult things easy,reduce complex process simple.
 For example,aspect ratio 3 (L/D≒3),smallest die wear,welding structures to the press working.