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Machine part prize winning Micro ceramic nozzle of hole diameter 0.005㎜

Sponsoring : Promotion conference and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Co.
Backup : The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and The Japan Chamber of Commerce and
Industry Japan Consumers Association
  number of total applicants were 94,and 41 of 94 were entried to 'machine part prize'.In this keen competition, our "micro ceramic nozzle of the hole diameter 0.005㎜" won the 'machine part prize'.

Explanation about 'Part grand prize'   "Part grand prize" is a prize system to spotlight powerful parts and materials that are effective to grow up the computitre power.
  It was changed from sponsoring of the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun Co. to co- sponsoring with promotion conference according to promotion conference inauguration in September, '07 though it had executed four times up to now. The field of "Environmental relation", "Health and medical equipment", and "Life relation" were newly established, and "at the same time expanded as super-thing- making part grand prize". These newly established fields were examined by the comperation of incorporated nonprofit organization named "Life and cirilization mechanism".
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Prize of presentation * on October 14,'08