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The 100th anniversary,one century has past sine the day our company's root.
The high precision molding finished goods are being widely offered by our minute technology(technology of micro).

Corporate name 株式会社 長峰製作所
Representative director Takashi Nagamine
Address of headquarters 1725-26,Kishinoue,Manno-town,Nakatado-Gun,Kagawa-pref.,
766-0026 JAPAN

Tel +81-877-75-0007 FAX +81-877-73-2152
Establishment November,1968
The capital 100million yen
Site 21,699㎡
Floor space 4,312㎡
Number of employees 90people
Activities (1) Manufacturing sales of precise ceramics product
(2) Manufacturing sales of honeycomb catalyst and absorbent
(3) Manufacturing sales of special press parts
(4) Design,processing,and assembly of metal mold dies.

The Meiji era January,'44(1911) It established as wood pattern maker place in Osaka City.
The Showa era April,'17(1942) It moved to 4 jyo in Manno-town,Nakatado-gun,Kagawa-prefecture.
   June,'35(1960) New establishment of metal mold section for article of cast metal
   April,'41(1966) New establishment of metal mold section for press
   November,'43(1968) establishment Ltd. Nagamine manufacturing incorporated company established.
   January,'45(1970) Wooden form section was abolished.
   December,'53(1978)) Factory newly-built and moved.
   October,'54(1979) New establishment of plastic metal mold section
   July,'56(1981) Structure changed from incorporated to stock corporation.
Injection molding metal mold start of manufacturing
   January,'57(1982) Honeycomb die start of manufacturing
   April,'60(1985) The factory building was moved to the present place.
The Heisei era July,'1(1988) Kagawa prefecture new material development cooperative society(union of making to uniting)establishment.
The development of the honeycomb commodity begins.
Vesta establishment of related companies Ltd.and ceramic part of manufacturing started.
    December,'9(1997) Honeycomb catalyst and honeycomb absorbent start of manufacturing
   April,'13(2001) Vesta's business transfered to Nagamine Manufacturing.,Co.Ltd.
   November,'14(2002) Started to sales special press products.
   December,'14(2002) Office and welfare building were newly built.
Ceramics manufacturing site enhancing
   December,'15(2003) Honeycomb catalyst manufacturing site enhancing
   April,'17(2005) Honeycomb catalyst manufacturing factory building was enlarged.
   September,'20(2008) The development of the ocarina begins.
   September,'22(2010) Started to sell Ocarina.