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Protection of individual information policy

Nagamine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (Here after, it is said ,"Our company") provides excellent commodities and service to the society as an R&D company.
And also our company recognizes as an important asset to personal information. That is Information security management is one of the top priorities in business.
All personal information in our business must be strictly operated or treated. So this Protection of individual information policy is enacted as an code of active conduct to be done by all of us.

1.Our company formulates and operate properly the protection of individual information management system which complies to "Protection of individual information management system demands" (JIS Q 15001)
2.Our company clearly defined the purpose to use individual information within the scape of doing limited business range. Our company obtains properly the individual informations, use properly them and provides properly. Our company use individual informations within the scape of doing limited business range only. Our company takes action not to use individual information for other purposes.
3.Our company selects the outsourcing, we mean, in case of select external conductors. Conductors must be filled with an enough protection level. Our company contracts to the external conductors that have reached enough Protection level.
4.Our company takes some reasonable security precautions and corrective actions to the risks of the loss, unlawful computer access to individual information, destruction, falsification, and leakage etc.
5.Our company will respond to the request of indication, the correction, the delation, the consultation of the individual information from the person in concerned without delay.
6.Our company will continuously review the protection of individual information management system, and improve it.
7.Our company puts this protection of individual information policy in documents. This policy have to be well-known by all engaged persons (Directors, employees, and all others concerned). And you can always check the policy in our web site.

Enactment: february 1,2011
Nagamine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Representative director Takashi Nagamine

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