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By the ceramics injection molding industrial method.
Development of micro ceramic nozzle of the inside diameter 5μm

  The processing technology of the micro nozzle by ceramics injection molding (CIM) industrial method is a processing technology that NAGAMINE MANUFACTURING Ltd. Newly developed based on technological seeds concerning its own precision(molding dies). It became possible to manufacture the micro ceramics nozzle (with hole diameter 10μm (5μm or more) by this exploitation technology which is difficult to make other companies. Instend of metal or plastic dispenser nozzle and the mounter nozzle, you can get and use ceramic nozzle. First of all, this exploitation technology makes the molding body of the micro ceramics nozzle by the injection molding. At this step the minute nozzle hole is made, and at next step baked to the molding body .Finality is finished up, externals processing etc. are processed after (baking), and the product is completed. That is, this exploitation technology is a new processing method of being able to make the minute nozzle hole in the molding process, and inside shape is to be kept accuracy up to the final process. The point of the exploitation technology is as follows.

<1>Metal mold design technology that enables extra fine and superprecision core pin to endure moulding pressure of molding body
 While shaping transcript of the core pin, the core pin is easily fractured and destroed in the molding die.in routine ways. In the exploitation technology, an original forming method and the raw material flow and the mold construction were designed based on technological seeds of the precision died, and the minute nozzle hole was enabled to be made in the molding body.

<2>Grinding processing technology of minuteness and superprecision core pin
 The surface properties of the core pin should give not only the precision work to obtain the profile accuracy to make model of the molding body excellent but also the specular processing. Its own metal mold precise grinding technology and ELID(electrolyzing in-process dressing) grinding technology was applied to this processing, and coexisting of the superprecision type grinding and the specular grinding of the extra fine core pin was achieved.

<3>Highly accurate shape control technology of ceramics
  As for the hole processing of ceramics, the removals such as the ultrasonic machinings and the supersonic wave invoking grinding are applied to the ceramics material after baked. They are necessary as a post-processing usually. Because this accompanies big contraction in volume(tens of % in case of zirconia) when ceramics are baked, it is difficult to maintain its similar figure In this exploitation technology, the injection molding and the baking technology of the ceramics material that was able to control the volume contraction materials in the sintering process of ceramics.

 Before the above mentioned technological development, about 30μm diameter was the mini. but our new technology realized φ5μm inside diameter and φ15μm outside diameter. So the added value of the micro nozzle was guitly heightened.