Original punching atelier

  The special press metal moulding dies are being produced.
 To make reduction of cost by press.Smallest die wear, change casting to pressing,little fracture surface.
  ・The processing of aspect ratio 3 (L/D≒3) is possible.
  ・Micro pierce array-minimum, diameter φ10 μm are possible.


・For control of flowing quantity of gas for semiconductor fabrication equipment.
・It correspond to straight hole of aspect ratio 3 (L/D=3).

Micro pierce array
"Strategic, basic, technological upgrade support business in 2007 " by Economy Industrial Bureau is adopted.
 【Development of manufacturing method of micro Pierce array at φ1μm level】

・Intend to use with semiconductor-fabrication equipment, Our company aims to hole the φ1μm circle by the metal mold punch.
(local Nikkei net economic news (Shikoku version) 2008.2.27 article related to)

You can get the hole diameter φ10μm.

Shower nozzle
・Cost performance of holing by press working is much better than holing by the drill.
・It correspond to the hole opening of aspect ratio 3 (L/D=3).

Other press molding goods
・Micro press molding goods, high-aspect ratio piercing press goods, and micro drawing goods.
・Parabora lens made of Ni for Xrays.