Metal Porous
Fuel cell and high strength exhaust gas treatment, etc.

■Various fuel cells
   Correspondence as gas diffusion material (electrode)
1. It is possible to produce them with 0.5mm in thickness.
2. Porosity 80% or more.
3. Electroconductive material with strong corrosion resistance.
4. It is a porous body that can diffuse efficiently as for the reacting substance.
5. Compressive strength that endures assembly pressure.
6. It is an easy compression creep characteristic to the surface figure's maintenance.
■ For high strength exhaust gas treatment.
 ・Unlike the honeycomb made of ceramics that cracks easily when
  It is high strength because of metallic.
 ・ It seems the best for the motorcycle etc.

Titanium porous body
Copper-porous body

Stainless steel porous body
Silvering porous body

You can have nickeling porous body, copper porous body, and another metals porous.
Please consult us for the size, externals, and other materials of the bodies.