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Ceramic Extrusion Molding

We can manufacture ceramic tubes with fine holes and thin walls
by extrusion molding using thermoplastic molding materials.

Application #1: Piezoelectric ceramic tubes

picture: appearance of piezoelectric ceramic tubepicture: cross section of piezoelectric ceramic tube
This is piezoelectric fine ceramic tube.
It outputs electricity to external stresses,
and expands or contracts when it receives electrical input.

We can offer the ceramic tubes with fine holes and thin walls,
and parts with complicated shapes by the application of
ceramic injection molding technology.

We can also form the electrodes on the tube surface
or make pattern the shape of electrode.


Application #2: Ceramic micro honeycomb

picture: appearance of ceramic micro honeycomb picture: microstructure of ceramic micro honeycomb
This is ultra fine ceramic micro honeycomb structure
with cell density exceeding 10,000cpsi(cells per square inch).
We are manufucturing these ceramic honeycomb by extrusion molding.

We can also add function depending on the material,
such as coloring or the addition of conductivity.

Representative specification

Material Alumina ceramics(Al2O3)
Zirconia ceramics(ZrO2)
Conductive alumina ceramics
Conductive zirconia ceramics
Outer diameter of
honeycomb structure
φ9mm, φ16mm, φ36mm
Cell density 13,000cpsi
Wall thickness 0.05mm (50μm)
Lattice window size 0.17mm (170μm)