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Our ocarinas have been registered as
"Plastic Smart".

Our "Okome no Ocarina" which uses biomass resin and reduces environmental impact,
was registered as a "Plastic Smart," an initiative of the Goverment of Japan (Ministry of the Enviroment) to resolve the marine plastic waste problem.

"Okome no Ocarina" is in stores now!

"Okome no Ocarina" made with biomass plastic is now available.
It is a light, non-cracking, environmentally friendly plastic ocarina.
"Okome no Ocarina" is available at Shimamura Music all over Japan.
Please contact your local Shimamura Music regarding the handling of the product.

The biggest problem with playing okarina is the difference in pitch with other instruments.
Our ocarinas are tuned accurately based on volume data, allowing you to enjoy ensembles easily.