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Ceramic 3D Printing

We can model fine ceramics directly from CAD data,
by ceramic 3D printing technology.


3D printers have enabled the additive manufacturing of resins and metals.
In additive manufacturing, the purpose shapes can be manufactured without machining.

Our most specialized field is molding technology using dies,
but we have developed modeling technology for ceramics using 3D printers
as a shape-giving technology that does not rely on dies.

Specifically, we developed a thermoplastic ceramic filament
based on the material technology of ceramic injection molding.
And we realized 3D printing of ceramics just like resin materials,
by applying these filament to Fused-Deposition-Modeling method.

Sample: 3D printed ceramic jig
Picture of 3D printed ceramic jig for sintering processOriginal model of 3D printed ceramic jig


Process of ceramic 3d printing


Modelable size B200mm×W200mm×H100mm
Materials Zirconia ceramics(ZrO2)
Alumina ceramics(Al2O3)
Resolution Horizontal resolution: 0.5-1.0mm×0.5-1.0mm
Vertical resolution: 0.2mm as deposition pitch
Remarks Relative density of model will be 95% or more,
after sintering

*1 It mean the dimension before shrinking of sintering.
  The model will shrink during the sintering process.

*2 Materials not listed in the table can also be produced
  from filament preparation.