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Ceramic Injection Molding

We manufacture micro-ceramic components
using CIM (Ceramic-I​njection-M​olding)​ technology.

Our process will realize more fine, precision molding
than machining process.

Application #1: Vacuum suction nozzle

Picture of ceramic vacuum suction nozzle for surface mounterPicture of surface mounte equipment
This is vacuum suction nozzle for surface mounter equipment.
The nozzle suck electric circuit components ( resistance, condenser, etc.)
on the tape, then carry and mount the component onto the substrate.

By replacing the conventional metal with ceramic for the material of the nozzle,
the life of the parts has been improved dozens of times.
Manufacturing ceramic nozzles by machining is costly,
but if molding, mass production is inexpensive,
and replacement from metallic materials has been realized.

We can also produce nozzles that correspond to the latest tip sizes below.
 - 03015 (0.3mm×0.15mm)
 - 0201 (0.2mm×0.1mm)

Manufacturable material
 - Zirconia (ZrO2)
 - Alumina (Al2O3)
 - Silicon Carbide (SiC)
 - Conductive Zirconia
 - Conductive Alumina

Application #2: Ink jetting nozzle

pircure of ceramic ink jetting nozzle
This is the nozzle for ink jetting marker or printer.
We can obtain smooth inner surface by manufacture the nozzle using ceramic injection molding.
It reduce pressure loss in ink flow path.

Specification of nozzle
 Hole diameter: φ0.01mm(10μm)-φ0.2mm(200μm)
 Material: Zirconia (ZrO2)