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Visible Light Shielding Ceramics

This is our unique white ceramics that shields visible light including laser light.


Picture of light shielding ceramics exposed to laser lightPicture of zirconia or alumina ceramics exposed to laser light

– It is alumina-based white ceramics with excellent heat resistance,
   wear resistance, and chemical resistance.

– Light in the visible light wavelength range is reflected by the surface layer
   only to prevent transmission and internal scattering.

– When the laser beam of 1mW or less like a laser pointer is irradiated,
   the penetration depth of the irradiation light is suppressed
   within a few micrometers from the surface.

– Its light density of 4.6 g/cm3 and corrosion resistance
   make it easier to handle than metal materials.

Application: Ceramic component for calibration of 3D scanners

Using visible light shielding ceramics,
the laser-based measurement of 3D scanners can capture areas
closer to the outermost surface than existing ceramics.
Therefore, it is suitable for calibration of 3D scanners.

Sample #1: Ceramic block
Picture of visible light shielding ceramic, block sample

Sample #2: Ceramic ball
Picture of visible light shielding ceramic, ball type